British, 1727 - 1788

Wooded Landscape with Figure and Dog

Date: early 1750s

Thomas Gainsborough was best known for portraiture, but he was also a master of landscape. His landscapes seem fresh and true to life. In fact, they came straight from his imagination and studio. With pencil rather than paint, here Gainsborough uses the same delicate, feathery strokes that distinguish his portraiture.

Medium: Pencil

Dimensions: H: 7 1/4 x W: 9 in.

Place: England

Accession: 0079

Category: Works on Paper - Subject Pictures

Tags: Pencil , Dog

Purchased June 2, 1988 from Davis & Langdale. From the collections of George Frost, until 1822; to William Esdaile, from 1822 until 1838; Esdaile Sale, Christie's, London, March 20 - 21, 1828; Mrs. Dorrett, London; T. R. C. Blofeld, Hoveton, as of 1970. Recorded in Hayes, pp. 73 and 133, No. 133 (as "Wooded Landscape with Figure and Dog"). Exhibited at University Art Gallery, Nottingham, 1962, Landscapes by Thomas Gainsborough, No. 34. Two copies by George Frost of this composition are known; John Hayes discusses them in "The Drawings of George Frost" in Master Drawings, vol. 4, no. 2 (1966) pp. 164 and 168. One of those copies, formerly in a scrapbook owned by Major T.C. Binny, is illus. as pl. 115 in Woodhall; the other was with Colnaghi, London about the late 1980's.