February 8, 2024 - March 3, 2024

Teen Art Club Exhibition

February 8–March 3, 2024

This Fourth Annual Teen Art Club Exhibition provides an opportunity for student artists who attend the MSV’s monthly Teen Art Club meetings to exhibit their artwork in a gallery setting. Over several meetings, club attendees select work for inclusion in the display and learn hands on about the submission process. Teen Art Club requires no fee or registration and is offered on the second Thursday of the month, organized in partnership with ShenArts.


February 8–March 3, 2024

The two artists included in this exhibition work as both visual artists and Virginia public school educators. Through the work they create in their own studios, each of these artists/educators shines a light on their profession and models lifelong creative goals for their students. This showcase celebrates those teachers whose work goes beyond their own artistic intent to inspire the students they teach and encourage the next generation of creative thinkers.