1906 - 1990


Date: ca. 1970

This pitcher or small jug shows the face of a man. The features of the face are exaggerated, and he is wearing a blue cap or head wrap. This likeness is almost certainly of a specific man whom artist Billy Landis knew; perhaps its display here will help uncover the featured man’s identity! In addition to pitchers like this one, the artist made ceramic mugs that depicted people he knew. He also wrote poetry, and sometimes he put his poems on his mugs. Often those poems described the people on the mugs. Landis also made ceramic figures depicting scenes from everyday life.

Medium: Earthenware

Dimensions: H: 7 1/2 x W: 7 1/2 x D: 5 5/8 in.

Place: Shenandoah County, Virginia (attributed)

Accession: 2001.0013.091

Collection: Shenandoah Valley Collection

Category: Folk Art

Tags: Ceramic , Shenandoah

Purchased in 2001.