English, 1788 - 1847

Youthful Shrimpers

Date: Probably ca. 1816

The son of an unsuccessful art dealer, William Collins first studied with his father’s friend the acclaimed painter George Morland, who is well represented in the Museum’s collections. Collins claimed not to have learned much from him, perhaps out of a spirit of competitiveness with his former teacher. However, it is fairly likely that Morland influenced Collins in the choice of sentimental paired subjects, of which this set is a winning example. More than almost any other British artist, Morland successfully exploited the popularity of images of rustic life.

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Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: H: 12 x W: 10 in.

Accession: 0034.2

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Paintings - Subject Pictures

Tags: Oil , Canvas , Shrimp , Children , Youth

Purchased December, 1985 from Newhouse Galleries.