Tramp Art Poison Bottle

Date: ca. 1900

This carved bottle is “tramp art.”  In this art form, an artist often carved everyday items to make them more decorative, as was the case with this bottle.  Cigar boxes often served as raw materials to be carved. Tramp artists also dismantled discarded items, such as shipping crates, used the wood to make a new object, and then carved or decorated it. This art form takes it name from unemployed itinerant men who often created it in exchange for food or lodging. But other people created tramp art, too. Some did so to be thrifty and recycle a discarded object.

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Medium: Wood (Maple)

Dimensions: H: 6 x Diam: 2 1/5 in.

Place: Shenandoah Valley (attributed)

Accession: 2001.0013.256

Collection: Shenandoah Valley Collection

Category: Folk Art

Tags: Poison , Bottle

Purchased in 2001.