Date: ca. 1787

This teapot was presented to Julian Wood Glass Jr. as a gift from his acquaintance Edith Key Haines. Haines was an accomplished author of books on cooking and housekeeping. Her grandfather was the poet Francis Scott Key, who according to Haines had owned this teapot. Key is remembered as the author of “The Star Spangled Banner,” the poem he wrote as a prisoner of war aboard a British frigate in the Baltimore harbor in 1814. Key was born in Frederick County, Maryland (near Winchester, Virginia), and he was a celebrated native son of that area. Julian Wood Glass Jr.

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Medium: Silver

Inscriptions: Marks: illegible

Dimensions: H: 5 1/4 x W: 3 1/2 x D: 9 in.

Place: London, England

Accession: 0754

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Silver - English

Tags: Tea , London , England

A gift from Mrs. Edith Key Haines. This small tea pot belonged to Francis Scott Key.