Date: ca. 1820s

This  is the only known Valley object that features the mark of both “Richardson” and  “Nulton.” We know that John Richardson was a coppersmith in Winchester from 1809 to  1826. But who was Nulton? We know the Nultons were prominent Winchester craftsmen in  the 19800s. Perhaps it was John Nulton (life dates unknown), who apprenticed  with John Richardson. Or maybe it was John’s son, Abraham (1901-1871), who  eventually purchased Richardson’s shop and there sold copper, tin,  and sheet-iron wares.

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Medium: Copper and Brass

Inscriptions: Marked with punches: “RICHARDSON” / “&” / “NULTON” / “WINCHESTER, VA”

Dimensions: H: 12 x W: x D: 9 1/2 in.

Place: Winchester, Virginia

Accession: 2008.0008.3

Collection: Shenandoah Valley Collection

Category: Stone & Metals

Purchased in 2008 from Green Valley Auctions.