American, 1769 - 1814

Tall Clock and Case

Date: 1795 - 1805 (movement and case)

This clock has a traditional broken scroll pediment, carved rosettes, and beet finials (named for the vegetable they resemble). Maker Jacob Fry was of German descent and one of the Valley’s most prolific clockmakers.  He made clocks in Woodstock at the same time Goldsmith Chandlee was doing so in Winchester. Perhaps they were friends; a comradeship existed among some early clockmakers. There is no question that Fry and Chandlee at least knew each other; Fry once purchased land in Pennsylvania, and then sold it to Chandlee.

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Medium: Walnut, brass, steel, and iron, with enamel paint decoration

Inscriptions: Dial inscribed "JACOB FRY/WOODSTOCK"

Dimensions: H: 88 x W: 20 1/2 x D: 11 in.

Place: Woodstock, Virginia (movement)

Accession: 0550

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Furniture - American

Tags: Walnut , Brass , Steel , Iron , Enamel , Goldsmith Chandlee