Side Chairs

Date: 1765 - 1775

The elaborate splat design and range of carved decoration on these chairs sets them apart from standard Philadelphia chairs made in the mid-1700s. The pierced splats are wide and have at their centers a figure eight crossing over a diamond, with looped ends and tassels above and below. At the top of the chair, a leafy ruffled border surrounds a large opening that serves as a handle. The faces of the side stiles have a central rib and shallow depressions in lozenge and diamond shapes carved in a technique called intaglio.

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Medium: Mahogany and yellow pine

Inscriptions: Numbered “IV” and “V” on inside of front rails;Numbered "II" and "VI" on the seat frames

Dimensions: H: 38 7/8 x W: 23 3/4 x D: 21 1/4 in.

Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Accession: 1010.1-2

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Furniture - American

Tags: Stripes , White , Yellow , Chair , Philadelphia

Purchased 1968 from Joe Kindig, Jr.