English, 1763 - 1804

Shooting, Winter

Date: ca. 1785 - 1790

George Morland was at the top of his game when he painted this work. The artist briefly tried his hand at painting portraits before that time, but that did not suit him. He then switched to painting scenes of the daily lives of country folk, and that was more to his liking and skills. The scenes that Morland painted during this time are charming and usually display some romantic qualities. It is easy to see why they were successful with the marketplace of the day. Like the works of Francis Wheatley, several of Morland’s paintings were made widely popular by engravings.

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: H: 12 5/8 x W: 15 3/8 in.

Place: England

Accession: 217.2

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Works on Paper - Subject Pictures

Tags: Oil , Canvas , Shooting , Winter

Purchased in 1969 from Newhouse Galleries. Important memorandum to the pair of 'Morland's'. Old Mr. Colnaghi of Pall Mall assured me that George Morland painted the pictures in question and sold them to his father for L25 entered in the books of that firm. He afterwards offered me L100 for them. This occurred in 1861; Witness H. Calton R. B. Calton.