1790 - 1826

Long Rifle

Date: ca. 1815 - 1826

The Lauck family of Winchester was among the Valley’s best known and respected gunsmiths. Simon Lauck established the business, and then taught the trade to sons Jacob, William, and John. In his will, Simon bequeathed each son a set of gunsmith tools, and also gave John one of his homes. John moved into that home at 303 South Loudoun Street in Winchester. He was an active gunsmith who worked in his father’s  style until typhus caused his death in the prime of his life. John Lauck’s estate inventory provides an important picture of the equipment in an early Winchester gunsmith’s shop. 

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Medium: Iron, Steel, Brass, Silver, Curled Maple Stock

Inscriptions: Signed “J Lauck”

Dimensions: L: 58 x H: 8: x D: 2 1/4 in.

Place: Winchester, Virginia

Accession: 2007.0009

Collection: Shenandoah Valley Collection

Category: Firearms

Tags: Iron , Steel , Brass , Silver , Maple , Rifle

Purchased in 2007.