Honeybee Quilt

Date: ca. 1880

This quilt features a variation of the honeybee pattern. The quilt’s bleached cotton blocks have an appliquéd pattern, and they are set with a blue calico block. The appliqué pattern has a red printed square that features three green printed honeybees at each corner. Some people think that the square area on such quilts was meant to suggest a beehive, with the bees positioned around it, ready to enter the hive at each corner. This quilt also has a beard guard.

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Medium: Cotton

Dimensions: L: 85 x W: 74 1/2 in.

Place: New Market, Virginia (attributed)

Accession: 2001.0013.485

Collection: Shenandoah Valley Collection

Category: Textiles - Quilts

Tags: Honeybee , Quilt , New Market

Purchased in 2001 from Mildred Helsley.