Figure of Benjamin Franklin

Date: 1800 - 1830

American consumers of the 1800s had a voracious appetite for charming ceramic figures produced in great numbers at potteries in and around Staffordshire, England. The potteries marketed figures of individuals and groups directly to American merchants. Potteries chose subjects, designs, and colors that would appeal to the growing number of Americans who wished to purchase affordable mantel and shelf decorations.

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Medium: Earthenware with enamel and gilded decoration

Inscriptions: Inscribed: "WASHINGTON"

Dimensions: H: 16 x W: 5 x D: 4 in.

Place: Staffordshire, England

Accession: 1054

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Ceramics - Earthenware

Tags: Staffordshire , England , George Washington , Benjamin Franklin

Purchased February 23, 1978 from Oliver Sutton Antiques.