English, worked as partners 1790 - 1799


Date: 1790

Among high society in England in the mid- to late 1700s, dining customs changed dramatically in emulation of the French. A new range of extravagant table ornaments evolved, to imitate the French ceremonies that were focused on dining. Prior to this time in England, during the 1600s and early 1700s, food items were arranged at the center of the table, creating a lavish centerpiece; as the food was eaten, the table lost its ornament.

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Medium: Silver

Inscriptions: Stamped with traditional hallmarks denoting sterling standard, origin, date, duty paid, and maker

Dimensions: H: 19 x W: 27 in.

Place: London, England

Accession: 0744

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Furniture - English

Tags: Silver , Dining , London , England

Purchased December 10, 1990 from S. J. Shrubsole Corp., New York.