Corner Chair

Date: ca. 1740 - 1750

The intriguing armchairs of this type were called corner chairs in Philadelphia and South Carolina, smoking chairs in many parts of the American South, and roundabout chairs in New England. Probate inventories, which are an important source of information about domestic furnishings, list them as both individual, unique chairs and as parts of sets of similarly designed side chairs. They appeared in offices, bedrooms, parlors, and dining rooms.

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Medium: Walnut

Dimensions: H: 31 1/4 x W: 27 x D: 26 1/8 in.

Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Accession: 1027

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Furniture - American

Tags: Red , Philadelphia , Flower

Purchased February 13, 1991 from Leigh Keno, American Furniture. From Joe Kindig, Jr. & Son., Pennsylvania.