American, worked in America and England, 1738 - 1815

Captain John Loring

Date: ca. 1780

Artist John Singleton Copley was born in Boston and had a Loyalist father. Copley was America’s leading portrait painter when the American Revolution erupted. Copley fled to England on the eve of the war’s outbreak. There he transformed himself into an Englishman, achieved great success as a painter, and never looked back. This portrait is especially important because its style blends colonial and English traditions and mirrors the artist’s transformation. Captain Loring, about 19 years old here, was a prisoner of war in Massachusetts in 1776.

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Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: H: 29 x W: 24 1/4 in.

Place: England

Accession: 0038

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Paintings - Portraits

Tags: Oil , Canvas , Revolutionary War

Purchased May 1, 1981 from Newhouse Galleries. From the collections of John Loring, the sitter, London, England; and the descendants of the sitter, London, England. Recorded: Catalogue of the Exhibition Royal Academy, London, 1780, No. 211 (as portrait of a naval officer). "Artists and their Friends in England", 1700- 1799, by William L. Whitley, II. London, 1928, p. 376. Exhibited: Royal Academy, London, 1780.