Date: 1805 - 1810

This magnificent bed from the early 1800s dominated the bedroom of Julian Wood Glass Jr. at Glen Burnie. Then, as now, beds (often called bedsteads) were overwhelmingly the visual focal point of every bedchamber. Receipts dating to the time this bed was made document the extraordinary cost of the yards and yards of fabric (usually imported) required to drape a four-poster bed such as this one and envelop its occupant. Complex pulleys and lines pulled the fabric up and down around the bed’s sides. Elaborate tassels and fringes softened the sewn edges of the draped fabric.

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Medium: Mahogany, white pine, and brass

Dimensions: H: 86 1/2 x W: 55 3/4 in.

Place: Boston, Massachusetts

Accession: 1117

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Furniture - American

Tags: Mahogany , White pine , Bedroom , Headboard , Boston

Purchased January 5, 1960 from Ginsburg & Levy, Inc., New York.