English, 1754 - 1797

Abraham and Isaac

Date: ca. 1787

This painting of a Biblical story was once attributed to Thomas Gainsborough. Research now supports that it is the work of his nephew instead. Gainsborough Dupont, who apprenticed with his uncle Thomas, was the only person to assist the great painter. Dupont ably completed portraits left unfinished by his uncle’s death in 1788, but overall the nephew’s talent fell short of the uncle’s genius. Dupont exhibited his own works at the Royal Academy in 1790. He also made engravings that copied his uncle’s pictures. Little else about him is known.

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Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: H: 33 1/2 x W: 41 1/2 in.

Place: England

Accession: 0006

Collection: Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Category: Paintings - Subject Pictures

Tags: Oil , Canvas , Men , Old Testament , Abraham

Purchased December 26, 1979 from Newhouse Galleries. From the collections of Thomas Gainsborough's home, Schomberg House, in 1789 (sold by private contract the year after Gainsborough's death) to Mr. Cornewall, London, England; P. Hinds, London, England, 1856; Sir John Hawley, London, England, 1858; W. Cox, London, England, 1863 to 1884; private collections, London, England, until 1951 when sold by C. G. Doward to the present owner; and an American collector since 1951. Recorded in "Life of Thomas Gainsborough, R.A." by George William Fulcher, London, England, 1856, Page 192; "Thomas Gainsborough, A Record of His Life and Works" by Mrs. Arthur Bell, London, England, 1897, Page 136; "Gainsborough and His Place in English Art" by Sir Walter Armstrong, Scribner's, New York, 1898, page 209; "Gainsborough and His Place in English Art" by Sir Walter Armstrong, Scribner's, New York, 1904, page 290; and "Gainsborough" by Ellis Waterhouse, London, England, 1958, Page 124, Number 1024.