Board of Directors

2019–20 Officers
Wilborn M. Roberson, President
Dianne H. Wake, Vice President
Rupert W. Werner, Second Vice President
Nicole H. Perry, Secretary
Grady W. Philips, Treasurer
W. Blakely Curtis, Immediate Past President


Jenny B. Baker
Ilona Benham
Tammy Bjelland
Gina S. Byrd
Jeff W. Coker, PhD
Cee Ann Davis, MD
Terese Merrill
Ronald L. Napier
Michael S. Perry
Christopher R. Versen, PhD
Matthew M. Vollmers
Kay S. Whitworth
John B. Willey, MD

GlassGlen Burnie Foundation Trustees
John B. Adams, Jr.
Todd L. Brockwell
Peter G. Bullough, MD*
James T. Holland
Allan G. Paterson, Jr.
David H. O. Roth

Above: MSV Board Member
Cee Ann Davis, MD volunteering during a community event at the MSV. Photo by Rick Foster.