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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Artist William Blake
Title I am Young & ye are very Old...
Date 1825
Title Cabinet Bookcase
Date 1800 - 1805
Artist Thomas Gainsborough
Title Mrs. George Oswald
Date ca. 1770 - 1774
Artist Joseph Richardson Sr.
Title Beakers
Date 1773
Title Dining Table
Date 1790 - 1800
Title Basket
Date ca. 1880 - 1920
Title Townhouse
Artist Edward Ambrose
Title Cowboy Figurine
Artist Sir John Hoppner
Title Mrs. Hannah Barker Webb
Date ca. 1793
Artist David Mode Payne
Title The Cocktail Hour (Double Portrait of Julian Wood Glass Jr. and Ernest "Sunny" Embry Bradfield)
Date 1950
Artist William Hook (attributed)
Title Serving Chest
Date 1800 - 1810
Title Basket
Date early 1900s
Artist Paul D. Moore
Title The Adam Room
Artist After designs by Robert Manwaring
Title Side Chairs
Date 1765 - 1770
Artist Sir Thomas Lawrence
Title Ayscoghe Boucherett Jr.
Date ca. 1810
Title Pair of Knife Cases
Date 1770
Title Cabinet Bookcase
Date 1770 - 1780
Title Hanging Basket
Date early 1900s
Artist John Elliott
Title Looking Glass
Date 1784 - 1790
Artist Carver & Wightman
Title Pitcher
Date ca. 1850 - 1865
Title The French Parlor
Artist Samuel Wagner (attributed)
Title Rocking Chair
Date ca. 1916
Artist James W. Sheetz (attributed)
Title Carousel Horse
Date ca. late 1800s
Artist Sir Thomas Lawrence
Title Sir Herbert Taylor
Date ca. 1797
Title Set of Four Chairs
Date ca. 1740 - 1760
Artist J. Eberly & Co.
Title Fancy Ware Wall Pocket
Date ca. 1887 - 1903
Artist Daniel McNeil
Title Library Room
Artist Jasper Francis Cropsey
Title Hastings on the Hudson
Date ca. 1890
Title Painted Box
Artist Caspar Netscher
Title Young Girl
Date ca. 1660
Artist Sir Henry Raeburn
Title Captain Alexander Dirom
Date ca. 1816 - 1817
Title Chest of Drawers
Date 1770 - 1780
Title Armchairs
Date ca. 1795 - 1810
Artist J. Eberly & Co.
Title Fancy Ware Sweetmeat Dish
Date ca. 1887 - 1903
Artist Eugene Kupjack
Title The Kupjack Silver Shop