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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Artist Elihu Vedder
Title Study for The Marriage of the Vine and Study for the Fortune of Female Nude (double-sided drawing)
Date ca. 1884
Artist Charles Stewart
Title Salt Spoon
Date ca. 1820 - 1866
Title Sofa
Date 1805 - 1810
Title Armchair
Date ca. 1790 - 1800
Artist Rolinda Sharples
Title A Picnic in England, also known as The Sharples Family
Date 1825
Artist John Lauck
Title Long Rifle
Date ca. 1815 - 1826
Artist Philip Bush Jr.
Title Pair of Salts
Date ca. 1787 - 1788
Artist After designs by Robert Manwaring
Title Side Chairs
Date 1765 - 1770
Artist Jasper Francis Cropsey
Title Hastings on the Hudson
Date ca. 1890
Artist Thomas Shotter Boys
Title A View of L’Institut de France and the Pont des Arts, Paris
Date 1829
Artist Michael Melhorn
Title Tablespoon
Date ca. 1828 - 1832
Artist After a design by Thomas Hope
Title X-Frame Stool
Date 1805 - 1815
Title Side Chairs
Date 1765 - 1775
Artist Samuel Prout
Title Beached Fishing Boat
Date ca. 1805
Artist Phillips & Foster
Title Sugar Tongs
Date ca. 1817 - 1820
Artist Isaac Zane Jr. (attributed)
Title Jamb Stove Plate
Date ca. 1773 - 1775
Artist James W. Sheetz (attributed)
Title Carousel Horse
Date ca. late 1800s
Artist Goldsmith Chandlee
Title Tall Case Clock
Date ca. 1775 - 1783
Artist Francesco Guardi
Title A View on the Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge
Date ca. 1754
Artist Benjamin West
Title Simeon and the Child
Artist James Meredith
Title Ladle
Date ca. 1824 - 1830
Artist John Frederick Kensett
Title The Beach at Newport, Rhode Island
Date ca. 1860s
Title Card Table
Date ca. 1750
Artist Joseph Mallord William Turner
Title Hampton Court, Herefordshire, Seen from the Southeast
Date Before 1797
Artist Goldsmith Chandlee
Title Surveyor's Compass and Lid
Date ca. 1784 - 1821
Artist William Massey
Title School Room
Title Painted Box
Title "French" chair
Date 1750 - 1775
Artist Julius Caesar Ibbetson
Title View of Derwent Water, Cumberland, England
Date ca. 1788
Artist John Sell Cotman
Title A Spanish Chestnut Tree, Struck by Lightning
Date ca. 1808 - 1810
Artist Thomas Doughty
Title View of Delaware Water Gap
Date 1827
Title Armchair
Date ca. 1740 - 1760
Artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Title San Biagio: Flesh Colour and Grey
Date 1880
Artist Richardson & Nulton
Title Teakettle
Date ca. 1820s
Artist Arthur Devis
Title Sir John van Hatten
Date ca. 1760 - 1761