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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Artist Joseph Richardson Sr.
Title Beakers
Date 1773
Artist Francis Cezeron (attributed)
Title Portrait of a Member of the Wood Family, Possibly Brigadier General James Wood Jr. or Dr. James Wood
Artist Goldsmith Chandlee
Title Surveyor's Compass and Lid
Date ca. 1784 - 1821
Artist Isaac S. “Billy” Landis (attributed)
Title Pitcher
Date ca. 1970
Title Sofa
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist J. Eberly & Co.
Title Fancy Ware Wall Pocket
Date ca. 1887 - 1903
Artist David Mode Payne
Title The Cocktail Hour (Double Portrait of Julian Wood Glass Jr. and Ernest "Sunny" Embry Bradfield)
Date 1950
Artist Rembrandt Peale
Title George Washington
Date ca. 1840s, originally designed 1823
Artist Richardson & Nulton
Title Teakettle
Date ca. 1820s
Artist Probably made by Tatham, Bailey and Sanders.
Title Queen Charlotte’s Sofa
Date 1811 - 1812
Artist After a design by Thomas Hope
Title X-Frame Stool
Date 1805 - 1815
Artist J. Eberly & Co.
Title Fancy Ware Sweetmeat Dish
Date ca. 1887 - 1903
Title Pair of Knife Cases
Date 1770
Artist Edward Caledon Bruce
Title William Wood Glass
Artist Abe Stickley (attributed)
Title Donkey Figurine
Date early-to-mid 1900s
Title Tramp Art Poison Bottle
Date ca. 1900
Artist John Frederick Kensett
Title The Beach at Newport, Rhode Island
Date ca. 1860s
Artist Lydia Wakeman
Title Sampler
Date ca 1865 - 1879
Artist Cornelis de Baellieur, the Elder (attributed)
Title A Picture Gallery
Date ca. 1635 - 1640
Artist Joeseph Anthony Selby
Title Pig
Date mid 1900s
Artist Samuel Wagner (attributed)
Title Rocking Chair
Date ca. 1916
Artist A. B. Stickley (attributed)
Title Horse-Drawn Sleigh Figurine
Artist Thomas Doughty
Title View of Delaware Water Gap
Date 1827
Artist Thomas Doughty
Title View of West Point
Date 1827
Artist Gainsborough Dupont
Title Abraham and Isaac
Date ca. 1787
Title Doll
Date mid 1800s
Artist Jasper Francis Cropsey
Title Hastings on the Hudson
Date ca. 1890
Title Cabinet Bookcase
Date 1800 - 1805
Artist Edward Ambrose
Title Cowboy Figurine
Artist Isaac de Moucheron
Title Travellers on an Alpine Pass
Date Probably first third of the 1700s
Artist Meredith & Johnston
Title Ladle
Date ca. 1826 - 1827
Artist “Stony Creek Artist” (possibly H. Heltzel) (attributed)
Title Fraktur
Date 1802
Artist Martin Johnson Heade
Title The Amethyst, Brazil
Date 1863 - 1865
Artist Daniel McNeil
Title Lee Hall
Artist Goldsmith Chandlee
Title Tall Case Clock
Date ca. 1775 - 1783