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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Title Set of Four Chairs
Date ca. 1740 - 1760
Artist John Robert Cozens
Title Between Salerno and Eboli
Date 1782
Artist James Meredith
Title Teaspoon
Title Fraktur
Date 1816
Title Fancy Ware Pig Bottle
Date ca 1887 - 1903
Artist Francis Cotes
Title Anne Wordsworth
Date 1751
Title Basket
Date ca. 1880 - 1920
Title Cabinet Bookcase
Date 1800 - 1805
Title Armchairs
Date ca. 1795 - 1810
Artist Albrecht Durer
Title Adam and Eve
Date 1504
Artist Thomas Boyle Campbell
Title Teaspoon
Date ca. 1819 - 1850
Artist William Collins
Title Youthful Shrimpers
Date Probably ca. 1816
Artist “Frederick County Record Artist” (attributed)
Title Fraktur
Date 1825
Artist J. Eberly & Co. (attributed)
Title Fancy Ware Coin Bank
Date ca. 1887 - 1903
Artist Pompeo Girolamo Batoni
Title Otway, Third Baron Desart, Later First Viscount and First Earl of Desart
Date 1769
Title Basket
Date early 1900s
Artist Edward Ambrose
Title Cowboy Figurine
Title Gaming Table
Date 1790 and early 1900s
Artist Albrecht Durer
Title The Knight, Death, and the Devil
Date 1513
Artist Robert I. W. Polk
Title Teaspoon
Date ca. 1838 - 1861
Artist Alessandro Allori (attributed)
Title Young Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness
Artist “Frederick County Record Artist” (attributed)
Title Fraktur
Date 1818
Title Spice Box
Date 1800s
Artist Sir William Beechey
Title The Shelly Children, John and Charlortte Anne
Date ca. 1791 - 1792
Title Hanging Basket
Date early 1900s
Artist After designs by Robert Manwaring
Title Side Chairs
Date 1765 - 1770
Artist William Merritt Chase
Title Roland Dana Chase
Date 1914
Artist Carver & Wightman
Title Pitcher
Date ca. 1850 - 1865
Artist James W. Sheetz (attributed)
Title Carousel Horse
Date ca. late 1800s
Title Cabriole Armchair
Date 1790 - 1805
Title Teapot
Date ca. 1787
Artist Jehu W. Bear
Title Tablespoon
Date ca. 1842 - 1847
Artist Jacob Ochtervelt
Title The Dancing Dog
Date ca. 1669
Title Sugar Cutter
Date ca. 1750
Artist John Singleton Copley
Title Captain John Loring
Date ca. 1780