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Shenandoah Valley Collection

Artist Thomas “Happy Jack” Nicholson
Title Basket
Date ca. 1887 - 1936
Artist Goldsmith Chandlee
Title Surveyor's Compass and Lid
Date ca. 1784 - 1821
Artist Gilbert Stuart
Title Lucinda Smith, Mrs. George Alexander Otis
Date 1809
Artist William Massey
Title School Room
Artist Probably made in Thomas Seymour's shop; Carving attirbuted to Thomas Wightman
Title Lady’s Dressing Chest with Mirror
Date 1806 - 1812
Artist James Meredith
Title Ladle
Date ca. 1824 - 1830
Title Pair of Knife Cases
Date 1770
Artist “Frederick County Record Artist” (attributed)
Title Fraktur
Date 1818
Title Key Basket
Date ca. 1830 - 1860
Artist Richardson & Nulton
Title Teakettle
Date ca. 1820s
Artist Gerard Terborch
Title Portrait of a Gentleman
Date ca. early 1650s
Artist William Massey
Title Tavern
Title Folding Stand
Date 1790 - 1800
Artist Design attributed to George Bullock
Title Bookcase
Date 1810 - 1815
Artist Abe Stickley (attributed)
Title Donkey Figurine
Date early-to-mid 1900s
Artist Francis Cezeron (attributed)
Title Portrait of a Member of the Wood Family, Possibly Brigadier General James Wood Jr. or Dr. James Wood
Artist William Massey
Title General Store
Artist Thomas Seymour (attributed)
Title Lady’s Worktable
Date 1812 - 1817
Artist Isaac S. “Billy” Landis (attributed)
Title Fieldworkers at Lunch Break Figurine Group
Date 1960s
Artist Joeseph Anthony Selby
Title Pig
Date mid 1900s
Artist Rembrandt Peale
Title George Washington
Date ca. 1840s, originally designed 1823
Artist William Massey
Title Kitchen
Title Bed
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist Meredith & Johnston
Title Ladle
Date ca. 1826 - 1827
Artist Aaron Shikler
Title Julian Wood Glass Jr.
Date 1988
Artist “Stony Creek Artist” (possibly H. Heltzel) (attributed)
Title Fraktur
Date 1802
Artist “Stony Creek Artist” (possibly H. Heltzel) (attributed)
Title Fraktur
Date 1798
Artist Isaac S. “Billy” Landis (attributed)
Title Pitcher
Date ca. 1970
Title Doll
Date mid 1800s
Artist Edward Caledon Bruce
Title William Wood Glass
Title Sugar Bowl
Date ca. 1810 - 1830
Title Lady’s Worktable
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist Hartmann & Phillips
Title Ladle
Date ca. 1802 - 1816
Artist Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard I
Title Fruit Basket
Date 1826
Artist Thomas Purse
Title Sugar Tongs
Date ca. 1799 - 1805