The Wood & Glass Families

The Wood and Glass families are associated with the site’s historic properties, and are representative of many settlers who came to the Valley in the 1700s.

The Anglo-Virginian Wood Family traces its Valley history to James Wood. He surveyed, claimed, and, with his wife, Mary, lived on land in the northern Shenandoah Valley in the early 1700s, creating an estate that utilized enslaved labor. Wood also donated portions of his land to establish the city of Winchester in 1744.

The Scots-Irish Glass Family was among the many Scots-Irish immigrants who left the north of Ireland in the 1700s and came to the Valley in search of a better life. This family’s Valley story begins with Samuel and Mary Glass, who moved here in the 1730s. The Wood and Glass families became linked with the marriage in 1832 of “Kitty” Wood (James Wood’s granddaughter) and Thomas Glass.