July 26, 2022 - October 9, 2022

This colorful display presents vibrant artworks in a variety of styles and mediums by regional artists Arlene Butler and Norma Fredrickson. Organized by the MSV.

Arlene Butler
This collection of artworks and images combine to document the journey of artist Arlene Butler that began with a single origami crane and culminated with a pilgrimage spanning several continents and thousands of transformed pieces of paper. For centuries, the origami crane has served the purpose of touching hearts, encouraging connections, and spreading hope. Used here, everyday objects such as folding paper fans, mirrors, and blocks from a children’s game highlight the shared foundations and experiences upon which common hopes and wishes for peace are built. Visitors are invited to explore and engage with the installation and become inspired to individual action for peace; personally, locally, and globally.

Norma Fredrickson
Clarke County fiber artist Norma Fredrickson wants you to consider the pieces showcased here from more than one perspective. The viewer is encouraged to appreciate individual elements as well as contemplate the collection as a whole. Through surface manipulation and fabric collage, Norma creates while she collects, organizes, tears/cuts, edits, arranges, adheres/connects, overpaints, enriches, and finishes. She explores familiar patterns through disruption and innovation and celebrates daily life shared between nature, community, and the individual.