MSV Day 2018

Admission to the MSV is FREE to all on this special day!

Celebrate Native American Culture and the opening of Hear My Voice: Native American Art of the Past and Present. Enjoy guided exhibition tours, experience Native American stories, songs, dancing, and drumming in performances by two internationally renowned groups; Dennis Zotigh of the National Museum of the American Indian and Kel Rainer, Kenyon Olsen-Rainer, Kayl Rainer, and Pretty Plume Rainer of the Star Road Dance Company! 

​Watch native basketry and craft demonstrations and sales by North American Bushcraft School and Gray Fox Farm, and join in a yarn-weaving family activity. Traditional Native American cuisine from Sly Fox Den by Chef Sherry Pocknett will be available for purchase.

Free to all.


All Day- Yarn Weaving Family Activity

All Day.- Basketry/Craft Demonstrations & Sales
North American Bushcraft School
Gray Fox Farm

11:30 a.m.- Guided Exhibition Tour: Hear My Voice (30 mins.)

Noon- Star Road Dance Company

1 p.m.- Guided Exhibition Tour: Hear My Voice (30 mins.)

1:30 p.m.- National Museum of the American Indian

3 p.m.- Star Road Dance Company

The Star Road Dance Company is from Taos Pueblo, New Mexico and was formed in 2002 . They are comprised of singers and dancers from across United States and represent 21 different tribes. Their performances on both the national and international stage have represented the beauty and power of the Native American dance, song, and music. Native crafts such as, beaded knife sheaths, beaded necklaces, copper and brass bracelets and earrings, by the Star Road Dance Company will be available for purchase!

National Museum of the American Indian this duo including Dennis Zotigh performs "A Musical Journey Through Indian Country" which are Native songs from Alaska through Florida, an interactive Native story, the eagle dance, hoop dance and round dance. We have performed in approximately 25 countries and for heads of state!




MENU: Sly Fox Den

Venison plate: Three Sisters rice served with a vegetable and topped with seared venison cooked to perfection. $15

Smoked Salmon plate: Three Sisters rice served with a vegetable and topped with Smoked Black Peppered Salmon. $15

Indian Tacos: Three Sisters rice (vegetarian) or beef chili, on native fried bread, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes. $10

Buffalo burgers: seasoned and grilled buffalo burgers served on hot native fried bread. $10

Corn Cakes. $5

Homemade Succotash. $5

Native fried bread. $4

Sassafras Tea. $4

Strawberry lemonade. $4 

Above: Kayl Rainer of The Star Road Dance Company. Courtesty of The Star Road Dance Company.

Sat, Feb 17 • 11:00 am to 4:00 pm


MSV Members: Free

All Others: Free