Skyline Indie Film Fest

3rd Annual Skyline Indie Film Fest

The Winchester Book Gallery brings the Skyline Indie Film Fest back to the MSV. The 3rd Annual Skyline Indie Film Fest is a three day weekend of short and feature length documentaries, biopics, narratives, experimental films from professional, amateur and student filmmakers screened in venues throughout Old Town Winchester.  This year's screenings at the MSV feature two great films: Out of the Fire and Last Barn Dance.

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Last Barn Dance
Description: Randy Lewis knows that losing his dairy business would mean losing his livelihood – his farm is limping along through an economy that has decimated most other family farms in Alamance County–but Randy is most worried about losing his way of life and ending a family heritage that has hosted nearly 50 years worth of barn dances. The farm is fragile, the band is old, the barn is beaten, and Randy, with no kids of his own and little faith the younger generation will pick up the pieces, is trying to save the dance.

Out of the Fire
Out of the Fire offers an absorbing look into the little-known world of wood-firing potters, who use ancient, labor intensive techniques to achieve stunning, unique surfaces on their pots - surfaces enhanced by fire marks, and melted wood ash. Join potter Kevin Crowe, apprentice Krista Loomans, and their dedicated crew, as they complete a four day, high-temperature kiln firing of nearly 2000 clay pots. In this kiln, nearly six months worth of work - and income - are at stake. But this inspiring film is not just about making pots. It is also about a way of life, and forging an individual life path. The film explores the drive to create, the importance of community, and the roles of risk-taking, focus, and authenticity in creating the best possible work - and living life to the fullest.​ "Out of the Fire" has been invited to screen at 14 U.S. film festivals, and received a Bronze Remi Award at WorldFest Houston 2014.


Sun, Sep 13 • 1:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Reception Hall

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