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Shenandoah Valley Collection

Title Teaspoon and Tablespoon Stake
Artist Gilbert Stuart
Title Lucinda Smith, Mrs. George Alexander Otis
Date 1809
Title Portland, Maine House
Artist Francis Danby
Title Bristol, a View from Clifton Hill
Date ca. 1815
Artist Isaac S. “Billy” Landis (attributed)
Title Pitcher
Date ca. 1970
Artist John Seymour and Thomas Seymour (attributed)
Title Lady’s Tambour Writing Desk
Date 1793 - 1798
Artist Thomas Doughty
Title View of West Point
Date 1827
Title Armchair
Date ca. 1790 - 1800
Title Sugar Bowl
Date ca. 1810 - 1830
Artist Charles Stewart
Title Beaker
Date ca. 1820 - 1866
Artist Gerard Terborch
Title Portrait of a Gentleman
Date ca. early 1650s
Artist Thomas Jones
Title A View of Ariccia
Date 1777
Artist Probably made by Tatham, Bailey and Sanders.
Title Queen Charlotte’s Sofa
Date 1811 - 1812
Title Virginia Star Quilt
Date ca. 1880
Artist William Collins
Title Youthful Shrimpers
Date Probably ca. 1816
Artist Isaac de Moucheron
Title Travellers on an Alpine Pass
Date Probably first third of the 1700s
Title Side Chairs
Date 1765 - 1775
Title Spinning Wheel
Date ca. 1800
Artist Francis Cezeron (attributed)
Title Portrait of a Member of the Wood Family, Possibly Brigadier General James Wood Jr. or Dr. James Wood
Artist William Blake
Title I am Young & ye are very Old...
Date 1825
Title Tramp Art Poison Bottle
Date ca. 1900
Artist Langley Boardman (attributed)
Title Side Chairs
Date 1811
Artist Alessandro Allori (attributed)
Title Young Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness
Artist Francis Cotes
Title Anne Wordsworth
Date 1751
Title Card Table
Date ca. 1750
Artist Samuel Bell
Title Greyhound Figurine
Date 1841
Artist Rembrandt Peale
Title George Washington
Date ca. 1840s, originally designed 1823
Artist A. B. Stickley (attributed)
Title Horse-Drawn Sleigh Figurine
Title Honeybee Quilt
Date ca. 1880
Artist Jacob Ochtervelt
Title The Dancing Dog
Date ca. 1669
Artist Pompeo Girolamo Batoni
Title Otway, Third Baron Desart, Later First Viscount and First Earl of Desart
Date 1769
Title Armchair
Date ca. 1740 - 1760
Title Tape Loom
Date ca. 1800
Artist Edward Caledon Bruce
Title William Wood Glass
Title Cabinet Bookcase
Date 1800 - 1805