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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Title Lady’s Worktable
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist After designs by Robert Manwaring
Title Side Chairs
Date 1765 - 1770
Artist Joseph Mallord William Turner
Title Hampton Court, Herefordshire, Seen from the Southeast
Date Before 1797
Artist Gilbert Stuart
Title Lucinda Smith, Mrs. George Alexander Otis
Date 1809
Artist Gerard Terborch
Title Portrait of a Gentleman
Date ca. early 1650s
Artist Thomas Boyle Campbell
Title Salt Spoon
Title Folding Stand
Date 1790 - 1800
Title High Chest of Drawers
Date 1780 - 1800
Title "French" chair
Date 1750 - 1775
Artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler
Title San Biagio: Flesh Colour and Grey
Date 1880
Artist Francis Cezeron (attributed)
Title Portrait of a Member of the Wood Family, Possibly Brigadier General James Wood Jr. or Dr. James Wood
Title Sofa
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist Jasper Francis Cropsey
Title View on the Hudson River
Date 1890
Artist George Chinnery
Title Portrait of a Gentleman
Artist Jan Baptist Weenix
Title Return from the Hunt
Date ca. 1650
Artist Rembrandt Peale
Title George Washington
Date ca. 1840s, originally designed 1823
Artist After a design by Thomas Hope
Title X-Frame Stool
Date 1805 - 1815
Artist Jasper Francis Cropsey
Title Hastings on the Hudson
Date ca. 1890
Artist Francis Wheatley
Title Return from the Market
Date 1791
Artist Edward Caledon Bruce
Title William Wood Glass
Artist John Frederick Kensett
Title The Beach at Newport, Rhode Island
Date ca. 1860s
Artist Francesco Guardi
Title A View on the Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge
Date ca. 1754
Artist Julius Caesar Ibbetson
Title View of Derwent Water, Cumberland, England
Date ca. 1788
Artist Francis Wheatley
Title Return from the Fair
Date 1791
Artist Cornelis de Baellieur, the Elder (attributed)
Title A Picture Gallery
Date ca. 1635 - 1640
Artist Thomas Doughty
Title View of Delaware Water Gap
Date 1827
Artist Thomas Doughty
Title View of West Point
Date 1827
Artist John Martin
Title An Arcadian Landscape
Date ca. 1810 - 1814
Artist Philips Wouwerman
Title Travelers Halting
Artist Gainsborough Dupont
Title Abraham and Isaac
Date ca. 1787
Artist Isaac de Moucheron
Title Travellers on an Alpine Pass
Date Probably first third of the 1700s
Artist Jan Frans van Bloemen, called “Orizzonte”
Title Idyllic Landscape
Date ca. 1700 - 1725
Artist George Chinnery
Title Portrait of a Lady
Artist Martin Johnson Heade
Title The Amethyst, Brazil
Date 1863 - 1865
Artist Francis Cotes
Title Anne Wordsworth
Date 1751