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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Artist Rembrandt Peale
Title George Washington
Date ca. 1840s, originally designed 1823
Title Bed
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist Rosa Bonheur
Title Calf
Artist John Seymour and Thomas Seymour (attributed)
Title Lady’s Tambour Writing Desk
Date 1793 - 1798
Artist Edward Caledon Bruce
Title William Wood Glass
Title Lady’s Worktable
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist William Pitts and Joseph Preedy
Title Epergne
Date 1790
Artist Langley Boardman (attributed)
Title Side Chairs
Date 1811
Artist Cornelis de Baellieur, the Elder (attributed)
Title A Picture Gallery
Date ca. 1635 - 1640
Title High Chest of Drawers
Date 1780 - 1800
Artist Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
Title Sketch of Male Nude
Date Before 1882
Artist Richard Parkes Bonington
Title A View of the Rialto Bridge, Venice
Date ca. 1826
Title Side Chairs
Date ca. 1760 - 1780
Artist Gainsborough Dupont
Title Abraham and Isaac
Date ca. 1787
Title Sofa
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist Paul Cadmus
Title Pepe #A (Recumbent Male Nude Seen from the Back), Mallorca
Date 1933
Title Plateau
Date 1800
Title Sideboard
Date ca. 1790 - 1800
Artist Martin Johnson Heade
Title The Amethyst, Brazil
Date 1863 - 1865
Artist After a design by Thomas Hope
Title X-Frame Stool
Date 1805 - 1815
Artist William Collins
Title Youthful Gleaners
Date ca. 1816
Artist John Frederick Kensett
Title The Beach at Newport, Rhode Island
Date ca. 1860s
Artist William Collins
Title Youthful Shrimpers
Date Probably ca. 1816
Artist Thomas Doughty
Title View of Delaware Water Gap
Date 1827
Artist John Robert Cozens
Title Between Salerno and Eboli
Date 1782
Title Dining Table
Date 1790 - 1800
Artist Alessandro Allori (attributed)
Title Young Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness
Artist Thomas Doughty
Title View of West Point
Date 1827
Artist Isaac de Moucheron
Title Travellers on an Alpine Pass
Date Probably first third of the 1700s
Artist Albrecht Durer
Title Adam and Eve
Date 1504
Artist William Hook (attributed)
Title Serving Chest
Date 1800 - 1810
Artist Jacob Ochtervelt
Title The Dancing Dog
Date ca. 1669
Artist Francis Cotes
Title Anne Wordsworth
Date 1751
Artist Albrecht Durer
Title The Knight, Death, and the Devil
Date 1513
Title Cabinet Bookcase
Date 1770 - 1780