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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Artist Francis Wheatley
Title Return from the Fair
Date 1791
Artist Pompeo Girolamo Batoni
Title Otway, Third Baron Desart, Later First Viscount and First Earl of Desart
Date 1769
Artist Jan Frans van Bloemen, called “Orizzonte”
Title Idyllic Landscape
Artist Philips Wouwerman
Title Travelers Halting
Artist Sir William Beechey
Title The Shelly Children, John and Charlortte Anne
Date ca. 1791 - 1792
Title Teaspoon
Date ca. 1817-1820
Artist Sir Henry Raeburn
Title Mrs. Reay of Killingworth Hall, Northumberland
Date ca. 1790 - 1800
Artist Sir Joshua Reynolds
Title Henry Yelverton, Third Earl of Essex
Date ca. 1758 - 1759
Artist George Chinnery
Title Portrait of a Lady
Artist William Merritt Chase
Title Roland Dana Chase
Date 1914
Artist Thomas Boyle Campbell
Title Salt Spoon
Artist George Romney
Title Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs. Charles Chaplin
Date 1781
Artist George Morland
Title Shooting, Autumn
Date ca. 1785 - 1790
Artist John Singleton Copley
Title Captain John Loring
Date ca. 1780
Title Dining Table
Date 1790 - 1800
Artist George Romney
Title Frederick Howard, Fifth Earl of Carlisle
Date ca. 1780
Artist Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de Saint-Mémin
Title Colonel John Mayo II
Date 1808
Artist Arthur Devis
Title Sir John van Hatten
Date ca. 1760 - 1761
Artist William Hook (attributed)
Title Serving Chest
Date 1800 - 1810
Artist Jacob Fry Jr. (movement)
Title Tall Clock and Case
Date 1795 - 1805 (movement and case)
Artist Godfried Schalcken
Title Portrait of a Boy in a Gold-Embroidered Robe
Artist George Morland
Title Shooting, Winter
Date ca. 1785 - 1790
Artist Thomas Gainsborough
Title Mrs. George Oswald
Date ca. 1770 - 1774
Title Cabinet Bookcase
Date 1770 - 1780
Artist Goldsmith Chandlee (movement)
Title Tall Clock and Case
Date ca. 1795
Artist Gilbert Stuart
Title George Alexander Otis
Date 1809
Artist John Downman
Title George Augustus Frederick FitzClarence, First Earl of Munster as a Child
Date 1800
Artist Sir John Hoppner
Title Mrs. Hannah Barker Webb
Date ca. 1793
Artist John Elliott
Title Looking Glass
Date 1784 - 1790
Title Side Table
Date ca. 1810
Artist Gilbert Stuart
Title Lucinda Smith, Mrs. George Alexander Otis
Date 1809
Artist Joseph Richardson Sr.
Title Beakers
Date 1773
Artist Sir Thomas Lawrence
Title Ayscoghe Boucherett Jr.
Date ca. 1810
Title Set of Four Chairs
Date ca. 1740 - 1760
Artist Design attributed to George Bullock
Title Bookcase
Date 1810 - 1815