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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Title Side Chairs
Date 1765 - 1775
Artist John Sell Cotman
Title A Spanish Chestnut Tree, Struck by Lightning
Date ca. 1808 - 1810
Artist Charles Balthazar Julien Fevret de Saint-Mémin
Title Colonel John Mayo II
Date 1808
Title Cabinet Bookcase
Date 1800 - 1805
Title Card Table
Date ca. 1750
Artist John Constable
Title View Toward Golding Constable’s House, East Bergholt
Date ca. 1815
Artist George Morland
Title Shooting, Winter
Date ca. 1785 - 1790
Artist After designs by Robert Manwaring
Title Side Chairs
Date 1765 - 1770
Title Armchair
Date ca. 1740 - 1760
Artist Richard Dadd
Title Italian Rustic Musicians
Date ca. 1878
Artist John Downman
Title George Augustus Frederick FitzClarence, First Earl of Munster as a Child
Date 1800
Title "French" chair
Date 1750 - 1775
Artist Thomas Sherburne Jr. (attributed)
Title Bombé Chest of Drawers
Date 1770 - 1775
Artist Francis Danby
Title Bristol, a View from Clifton Hill
Date ca. 1815
Artist Joseph Richardson Sr.
Title Beakers
Date 1773
Artist Jasper Francis Cropsey
Title View on the Hudson River
Date 1890
Artist Jasper Francis Cropsey
Title Hastings on the Hudson
Date ca. 1890
Title Armchair
Date 1770 - 1785
Artist Thomas Jones
Title A View of Ariccia
Date 1777
Artist David Mode Payne
Title The Cocktail Hour (Double Portrait of Julian Wood Glass Jr. and Ernest "Sunny" Embry Bradfield)
Date 1950
Artist Francesco Guardi
Title A View on the Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge
Date ca. 1754
Title Corner Chair
Date ca. 1740 - 1750
Artist William Blake
Title I am Young & ye are very Old...
Date 1825
Title Pair of Knife Cases
Date 1770
Artist Julius Caesar Ibbetson
Title View of Derwent Water, Cumberland, England
Date ca. 1788
Title Dressing Table
Date ca. 1740 - 1760
Artist William Blake
Title Then the Lord answered Job out of the Whirlwind . . .
Date 1825
Artist Aaron Shikler
Title Julian Wood Glass Jr.
Date 1988
Artist Thomas Seymour (attributed)
Title Lady’s Worktable
Date 1812 - 1817
Artist John Martin
Title An Arcadian Landscape
Date ca. 1810 - 1814
Artist Sir Henry Raeburn
Title Mrs. Reay of Killingworth Hall, Northumberland
Date ca. 1790 - 1800
Title Chest of Drawers
Date 1770 - 1780
Artist William Blake
Title When the morning Stars sang together...
Date 1825
Artist Rebecca Emes and Edward Barnard I
Title Fruit Basket
Date 1826
Title Bed
Date 1805 - 1810