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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Artist Caspar Netscher
Title Young Girl
Date ca. 1660
Artist Sir Henry Raeburn
Title Mrs. Reay of Killingworth Hall, Northumberland
Date ca. 1790 - 1800
Artist George Romney
Title Elizabeth Taylor, Mrs. Charles Chaplin
Date 1781
Artist Gilbert Stuart
Title Lucinda Smith, Mrs. George Alexander Otis
Date 1809
Artist Jacob Ochtervelt
Title The Dancing Dog
Date ca. 1669
Artist Philips Wouwerman
Title Travelers Halting
Artist John Seymour and Thomas Seymour (attributed)
Title Lady’s Tambour Writing Desk
Date 1793 - 1798
Title Lady’s Writing Table and Bookcase
Date 1795 - 1800
Artist Probably made in Thomas Seymour's shop; Carving attirbuted to Thomas Wightman
Title Lady’s Dressing Chest with Mirror
Date 1806 - 1812
Artist Thomas Seymour (attributed)
Title Lady’s Worktable
Date 1812 - 1817
Title Lady’s Worktable
Date 1805 - 1810
Artist Thomas Gainsborough
Title Mrs. George Oswald
Date ca. 1770 - 1774
Artist Sir John Hoppner
Title Mrs. Hannah Barker Webb
Date ca. 1793