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Julian Wood Glass Jr. Collection

Artist William Blake
Title Thy Sons & thy Daughters were eating & drinking Wine...
Date 1825
Artist George Morland
Title Shooting, Autumn
Date ca. 1785 - 1790
Artist George Morland
Title Shooting, Winter
Date ca. 1785 - 1790
Artist Rosa Bonheur
Title Calf
Artist Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones
Title Sketch of Male Nude
Date Before 1882
Artist Paul Cadmus
Title Pepe #A (Recumbent Male Nude Seen from the Back), Mallorca
Date 1933
Artist John Robert Cozens
Title Between Salerno and Eboli
Date 1782
Artist Albrecht Durer
Title Adam and Eve
Date 1504
Artist Albrecht Durer
Title The Knight, Death, and the Devil
Date 1513
Artist Duncan Grant
Title Self Portrait
Date ca. 1908
Artist Sir Edwin Henry Landseer
Title Two Whippets
Artist Elihu Vedder
Title Study for The Marriage of the Vine and Study for the Fortune of Female Nude (double-sided drawing)
Date ca. 1884
Artist Benjamin West
Title Simeon and the Child
Artist John Sell Cotman
Title A Spanish Chestnut Tree, Struck by Lightning
Date ca. 1808 - 1810
Artist Richard Dadd
Title Italian Rustic Musicians
Date ca. 1878
Artist William Blake
Title I am Young & ye are very Old...
Date 1825
Artist William Blake
Title Then the Lord answered Job out of the Whirlwind . . .
Date 1825
Artist William Blake
Title When the morning Stars sang together...
Date 1825