Bulbs are Blooming

As we turn the corner on winter, spring flowering bulbs are the first thing to remind us that the growing season is near. Flowers like Daffodils can remind us of our childhood.

Assistant Manager of Gardens and Grounds Joel Lowery 

A time when all we knew was that these yellow things popping up through a thin blanket of snow meant summer vacation won’t be far off!  Bulbs can bring great joy after a long cold winter.  They remind us annually of their durability. Perpetually they resurrect year after year whether they were divided last fall or haven’t been touched in 30 years.

Most commercially grown bulbs start their journey overseas in western Europe.  Millions and millions of bulbs are shipped out annually all across the world for gardeners to enjoy.  We buy our bulbs from these very same fields through domestic wholesale companies distributing these bulbs in large quantities.  Like many things, bulbs are more economically purchased in bulk.

Here, in the gardens at the MSV we’ve chosen to use bulbs throughout the property.  Utilizing their pop of color not only in naturalized loose fitting drifts but also in formalized patterns.  Each fall from October to December our gardeners suit up and prepare to spend some time on their knees.  The rush to get the latest bulb order in the ground is on.  Although the ground doesn’t freeze to the depth it once did, just an inch or two of frost can hinder planting.

The Parterre Garden is a formal arrangement of bulbs and a spring display to be admired.  It is the most pronounced dense planting of bulbs on the property and certainly the most eye catching.  This spring, visitors will be treated to a dazzling display of complimentary tulips. Tulip varieties include ‘Calm Cool Collective’, ‘Queen of the Night’, and ‘Best White’. This collection was chosen for the elegance offered by deep maroon blooms while the white blooms remind us of the purity of the space.  This selection combines tulips with slight differences in growth rate ensuring the bloom season will be prolonged.  You can expect to see these tulips and many more bulbs beginning to bloom when the gardens reopen April 1! May these early flowers bring respite to those weary from a discouraging winter and remind us of all we have to be thankful for. 

Published Date: 
Tuesday, April 13, 2021