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MSV Blogger and Director of Exhibitions Cory Garman

Since he began his career with the MSV in 2004, Cory Garman has focused most of his efforts toward fostering the Museum’s role as regional center for arts and culture. Through the years, he has logged thousands of miles traveling the Valley and beyond to bring stories and treasures from the Valley’s artisans and people to the MSV galleries.  When he’s not producing one of six annual exhibitions and eight contemporary art shows, he spends his free time hanging out with musicians, artists, movie geeks, bookish types, and beer lovers. He thinks writing his own biography in third person voice is weird, and you might be a little weird for reading it.

This Must Be the Blog

Published Date: 
Monday, February 20, 2017


There’s art you see, art that you taste, art that you feel, and there’s art that you hear.  Whether it’s a magnificent painting, a gourmet meal, a smooth marble sculpture, or an enchanting melody, art is a language of the senses.  It shows us what is beautiful and it teaches us how to find those qualities in the world around us. 


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