Chantal Ludder has a BA in Environmental and Urban Studies from Bard College where she completed a thesis on the Study of Arthropod Populations Across Native and Exotic Plant Collections.  While in college, Chantal interned with Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, NY, and was a horticulture assistant in the Horticulture Department and Resident Assistant at Bard.  Prior to joining the MSV, Chantal was a Horticulturalist with the Greater Newark Conservancy in New Jersey where she managed the Judith L. Shipley Environmental Center for three years, encompassing educational greenhouse with established plant collection, along with 10 interconnected teaching gardens featuring mature plant collection, raised vegetable beds, compost bins and native pond.  Chantal served as Chair of the Public Events Committee at the Greater Newark Conservancy in Garden State Gardens Consortium.

Ghastly Plants of Interest

Published Date: 
Monday, October 28, 2019

Autumn is upon us, Halloween is around the bend, and all is well in the gardens. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps you are the sort of person who is content to enjoy the colorful leaves and nothing more sinister than a cup of spiced cider.

By Horticulturist Chantal Ludder 

Or, perhaps, you’ve caught a bit of the Halloween mischief, and want to hear some stories about the most dreadful and ghastly plants growing in the MSV gardens. Come with me.

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MSV Heritage Plant Sale May 17 & 18, 2019

Published Date: 
Monday, May 13, 2019

by MSV Horticulturist Chantal Ludder

“Come buy, come buy!” As much as I would like to do a pastiche of Christina Rossetti’s Goblin Market, I promise to refrain. But quite soon you are going to see a line of MSV gardeners trotting diligently back and forth from up the hill to bring hundreds and hundreds of plants down to the museum patio. What plants are we selling? Why, anything you could want, of course. All plants labeled, all plants priced.

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Cold Frames

Published Date: 
Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It was around this time last year the MSV exchanged the original windows on the building for newer, more environmentally conscious ones. Since the old windows were not of use to anyone else, and probably would have been left to languish in a landfill otherwise, the Gardens and Grounds Department quietly laid claim and spirited them away to our workshop. To be honest, I’ve never been more pleased to be in possession of a pile of debris in my life. Old windows, especially the large, sturdy ones, do not run cheap. They are also hard to find in any real quantity, especially if you are looking for a uniform size. Until this happy little windfall, the Museum was unable to offer the workshop I’ve wanted to run for years: Building a Cold Frame.

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